This study aims to analyze the competitiveness of Indonesian export commodities in the international market. The data used are secondary data, namely time series data from 2015-2019 obtained from the United Nations Commodity Trade (UNComtrade). The analytical method uses the Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA) approach, 3 (three) digits based on SITC on ten types of potential Indonesian commodities. The results showed that commodities with an RCA value greater than 1 (one), namely processed food; jewelry; and spices. This value indicates that the three types of commodities have competitiveness in the international market, so that these commodities are worthy to be made as one of the potential export commodities in the future. While leather commodities and leather products; medical equipment; medicinal plants; essential oil; fish and fish products; craft; and office equipment having an RCA value of less than one, meaning that from 2015 to 2019 these seven commodities had no competitiveness in the international market.


Competitiveness, Export Commodities, RCA


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